ChIropractic services

 Chiropractic is defined by A.E. Homewood as “that science and art which  uses the inherent recuperative powers of the body and deals with the  relationship between the nervous system and the spinal column including  its immediate articulations, and the role of this relationship in the  restoration and maintenance of health.”   Writings from China and Greece  mention manipulation of the spine and lower extremities to alleviate  back pain, and Hippocrates is quoted as saying “Get knowledge of the  spine, for this is the requisite for many diseases”.  However  chiropractic and spinal manipulation became more commonly known in the  United States in the late 1800’s due to D.D. Palmer and his son B.J.  Palmer.  Currently there are many varied chiropractic techniques and  schools that train these different approaches to chiropractic care. 

 Chiropractic adjustments are most commonly requested for issues with the  spine (neck pain, back problems, “roached” posture) but seem to be  useful for other issues as well.  Clients have reported back seeing  improvement in mobility, appetite, allergies and localized skin  irritations (eg. lick granulomas) as well.  Regular adjustments are also  utilized in maintaining the canine athlete for performance and  competition. 

 Dr. Sandy received her training at the Parker College of Chiropractic in  Texas and she primarily uses diversified technique and extremity  adjustments.   Diversified technique uses a high velocity low amplitude  (quick and shallow) thrust to the joints of the body.  Extremity  adjustments utilize chiropractic techniques to the front and back legs.   Additional methods utilized include techniques from Logan School of  chiropractic, Sacral-occipital techniques and methods from her massage  training (Monterey Institute of Touch).   Technique selection is made  based on the condition, age and sensitivity of the patient.