Acupuncture is a collection of techniques used to stimulate a mapped out  series of points on the body.  Most people are familiar with the use of  very small diameter needles that are used but pressure, light (LED),  laser and injections of various types are also used for this purpose. 

 As a medicine, acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of medical  treatment.  Evidence exists of the use of acupuncture type techniques in  India 7000 years ago.  It has been utilized in China for thousands of  years as one of the techniques in Traditional Chinese Medicine for the  prevention and treatment of illness.  No one knows how acupuncture works  but what is known is as these points are stimulated a variety of  compounds are released from the central nervous system as a result of  that stimulation.  Some of the compounds include endorphins,  encephalins, substance P and epinephrine to name a few. 

 Dr. Sandy attended her initial acupuncture training in San Diego from  the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society.  The curricula of the  IVAS course integrates a balanced background of the fundamentals of the  scientific basis and application of acupuncture as well as a background  in the fundamentals and applications of traditional Chinese medicine and  acupuncture.  Although the techniques are taught in various species,  Dr. Sandy limits her practice to dogs and cats.